Therapeutic Treatment

Each student receives a minimum of 15 hours of therapeutic treatment weekly. In addition, each student participates in 10-12 hours of experiential activities weekly.

Your son will receive 15 hours of individualized treatment weekly which includes:

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3 hours Treatment

With the option of an individual or family session.

5 hours Group Therapy

With a licensed therapist and catalyst residents.

7-8 hrs Experiential Recreation

Designed to maximize your son’s treatment.

Daily Participation Recovery & Specialized Groups

Includes addictive behaviors; men’s issues; music therapy; emotional discovery; problem solving; life skills.

The Seven Challenges® Program

A specialized program that Catalyst employs to help each student work through their issues related to drug use and addictive behaviors.

10-12 hours
Experiential Activities

We refer to these activities as “Challenge by Choice.” While not counted as therapy, we believe that this is some of the most valuable time we spend with the students.

Hollistic Approach

At Catalyst, we believe that boys are most likely to find health and happiness when they achieve balance in six Core Elements of life: family, heart, soul, mind, body, and friends. Our program is comprehensively designed to help boys and their families gain balance and well-being in these elements.

Our environment is truly one that is focused on the well-being of your
son and his ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Milieu- Group Envirnonment

Catalyst is a relationship-based program where fostering positive relationships is our ultimate goal. We view behavior as an outward expression of inward thoughts and feelings. While addressing the outward behavior is important, we strive to foster growth from the inside-out to encourage real and lasting change. Our program is specifically designed to facilitate change through the positive relationships your son will forge with staff and other students, as well as improved relations with family. We use a caring, professional, and understanding staff, and invite total accountability from students, staff, and owners.Your son will also learn and demonstrate leadership skills which will aid in his recovery from substance abuse and emotional isolation. Leadership skills also increase self-esteem and confidence, thus enabling your son to better withstand the pressures and stress of adolescent life.

Daily Schedule

Wake Up
The Gym
Get Ready For The Day (Breakfast, Shower etc.)
2 Hour Block Of School
Therapeutic Clinical Group
Leisure Time
Study Hall
Afternoon Block Of School
Evening Activity
Get Ready For Bed
Lights Out