Special Events

Guest: Olympic silver medalist, Trey Hardee

August 10, 2012

Olympic silver medalist, Trey Hardee visits Catalyst to speak to our boys! What an amazing experience it was for our students and for the rest of us who were fortunate enough to be there. Trey told his story, showed some video clips of him competing at the London Olympics this summer, graciously passed around his silver medal for the boys to hold or put on, and talked to the boys about how he uses goals to accomplish his dreams. As one of our therapists stated well, “Trey is an amazing athlete, but an even better person.” The boys could really feel how genuine and down to earth he is. He finds real happiness in setting goals and working hard to accomplish them. 

Trey won gold in the decathlon at the 2009 and 2011 World Championships, and silver in the decathlon at the London Olympics. By the way, the decathlon winner is often given the label “best athlete in the world”. Despite all of his accomplishments he did a great job personalizing his story, using humor, and helping the boys see that he’s just a normal guy. He told them about how his favorite sport growing up was basketball, that he worked hard playing on competition teams year after year, and then was surprisingly cut from the high school team his junior year. He said he didn’t even make the JV team and was emotionally devastated, and cried at home for several days. He then went on to compete in track and field and excelled. At the end of the 2011 World Championship competition he blew out a ligament while throwing the javelin and had to have reconstructive surgery 11 months before the London games. He described how devastating this was and how he used goal setting and “painstaking” hard work to rehabilitate his arm and then compete again in the London Olympics and win the silver medal!

Our boys here at Catalyst often doubt themselves and their abilities, and many of them have had little faith in their ability to set and achieve goals, but you could tell every one of them was inspired to be better.

We cannot say thanks enough to Trey for been willing to spend some time at Catalyst!